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Recovery Toolbox for DWG

Recovery Toolbox for DWG is intended for anyone looking for a reliable remedy for the consequences of DWG file
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5 September 2014

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Owing to their extensive usage very often our computers suffer with hardware failure and as a result of that we loose lot of precious data stored in it if we are not having back up file for the same. But now with development of Recovery Toolbox for DWG 1.1.4 the user can free himself from such a fear of loosing data. The software is used by professionals in various fields like industrial design, architecture, modeling, interior designing etc as it helps to save their work made after spending hundreds of man-hours at the time of system failure as data from extensively corrupted DWG files can be recovered using this application.

Recovery Toolbox for DWG is fast and accurate designed tool which is capable of recovering the files after system crashing incident. The process of recovering a file can be done by following simple steps - select a file, check its structure, glance the recoverable data, and this software does not save recovered files but automatically transfer data to AutoCAD which can be later installed on users PC during recovery process. The time taken to restore the particular file completely depends on the size of file and speed of user’s computer. During recovery process user can preview recoverable data along with it for purpose of detailed analyzing or in case file is seriously damaged and software fails to recover it then user can also email their file to developer for recovering data manually, and user would be notified shortly.

Overall, it is a reliable software, which is really a great remedy at time of system corrupted incidents which is very uncommon. The interface is user friendly and anybody can operate it easily, even a layman with limited computer skills can work on it. So, the software gets scoring of four on scale of five.

Publisher's description

The DWG file format is used by countless professionals working with AutoCAD in a number of areas - interior and industrial design, architecture, science and modeling of different objects and processes. These files often contain models and schemes worth hundreds of man-hours and their loss due to file system or hardware crashes can result in immense problems both for their authors and people involved in the same project. Fortunately, data from corrupted DWG files can be restored using third-party recovery tools - such as Recovery Toolbox for DWG.
Recovery Toolbox for DWG is a compact, fast and highly efficient tool capable of recovering DWG file data after serious data corruption incidents. Featuring an attractive price tag and an exceptionally easy to use interface, the software enables virtually any user (even with very average computer skills) to restore a damaged DWG file and get back to working with it in minutes. The recovery process consists of a chain of simple steps: file selection, analysis of the file structure, preview of the recoverable data and export into AutoCAD. Since Recovery Toolbox for DWG does not save recovered DWG files, but transfers the data to AutoCAD, the latter must be installed on the user's PC at the time of recovery. The duration of the process depends solely on the size of the file being processed and the speed of the user's system. Users can preview recoverable layouts and models in the integrated viewer that supports moving, rotation and zooming functions using the keyboard or mouse buttons. If the file was damaged beyond recovery and the program appears to be unable to recover the data in the automatic mode, users can email the file to the developers directly from the program for detailed analysis.
Recovery Toolbox for DWG is intended for anyone looking for a reliable remedy for the consequences of DWG file corruption that is fast, efficient and affordable.
Recovery Toolbox for DWG
Recovery Toolbox for DWG
Version 2.0.11
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